Posted by: lighthousefengshui | April 4, 2011

Day One – Round Three

Here we go – Do a Good Deed a Day Project – Round Three!  This time I am going to open myself to the small gestures that promote kindness.

You’ll remember HH Grandmaster Lin Yun suggested I record simple good deeds. His thinking was to show how even the smallest act of kindness can count as good deed.

You don’t have to spend money and it is so simple that everyone can get into it.

Today while at a store and watched as a senior was struggling trying to get a  bottle of oil from a high shelf. She was delighted and gave me a big smile when I volunteered to get it down and place it in her basket.


  1. Today I cleaned house for a friend of mine who is too ill to do it himself. I don’t know about him, but I sure feel better! Char

  2. Held some doors open for people today!

    • A little gesture of kindness can move things along in a positive direction; not only for the person that received the good deed but also for you!

  3. I saw a very young,homeless couple on the side of the road with a sign in their hands.. I had driven a mile further down the road before I turned around and went back to that couple and gave them all the cash I had. I said a prayer for them as well.

    • You were moved and acted. Very nice Vicky. Please share again.

  4. 4.4.11 Participated in caregiver training for a young friend (27) who just went through bone marrow transplant. Provide CKHT for him weekly.

    4.5.11 Purchased a basket made by women in Ghana which will support medical care and schools for their families. Gave encouraging support to a young man/stranger at the gym who wants to quit smoking.

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