Posted by: lighthousefengshui | December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays from Immigrant House!

Holiday Greeting Immigrant HouseHappy Holidays from Immigrant House!

WE GOT IN!!! I haven’t been inside for 36 years – the little house has been boarded up for the past 10. My Bavarian and Santa Cruz Community activist friend Jane Mio and I performed a good old fashioned German housecleaning of the inside of Immigrant House with scrub brushes, brooms, buckets and gloves. It is tidied up, scrubbed down and all left over articles left were dumped .  It was wonderful to walk on the wooden plank floors again and let the house breathe. Everything is 100% better inside and no native Daddy Long Legs were harmed in the clean up!


Robert Cox vice chair of the Old Mountain View Neighborhood Association (OMVNA) championed the creation of the OMVNA Historic Preservation subcommittee which I am the Subcommittee Chair. I look forward to working with them. We will be changing their status to a 501c3, which makes contributions tax deductible.  Once the paperwork is filed with the IRS we can begin to have some great cultural fund raising events that should be fun for everyone.


On 12.12.12 I became an official Kiwanian! I’m excited about joining the Kiwanis Club. They do excellent work, and I will learn so much from their knowledge in organizing community projects. Beside all the scholarships, hospital, food drives, children and senior projects they also sponsor the Mountain View’s Art and Wine Festival. Their know-how will also be a great asset to the Immigrant House project and the events for the future.


Thank you so such for your wonderful help and support

Wishing a joyful season and a Happy New Year!

Mary Kay “Marina” Marinovich


A community that values everyone’s contributions and cares about its

past as well as its future is a community that honors all of its citizens.

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