“Business as well as life is all about balance. Life itself longs to be in balance. People, their relationships and environments all want to be in harmony. The key is to listen deeply, take notice and be open to fine tuning one’s own daily life. Cherish and be grateful for the compassionate acts others have bestowed on you, and be generous with good deeds toward others. ” read more about Marina Lighthouse at www lighthousefengshui.com or www.fengshuishopper.comMarina in office


  1. I can’t think of a better way stay in gratitude and change the energy of the planet!
    Thank You
    Today I held good thoughts and energy for a friend during their 2 hr. job interview.

    • Hi Jessica,
      What a great deed to do for a friend, putting forth that positive intention.

  2. Gratitude is the right attitude towards life, however people easily forget what they have and how blessed they are, easily focus on what they are lacking, a lacking mind is not a happy mind.
    we can all learn to focus on what we have and be happy about every small things in life.

  3. I’m heading off to a meditation retreat tomorrow and in gratitude, I purchased Eco-Friendly journals for all the participants, then wrapped each in cotton muslin cloth and attached 3 incense sticks. Just a little way to set the intention for a peaceful journey for us all.

    • Very thoughtful of you. I hope you enjoy and get a lot from your retreat!

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