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Day Twenty Seven – Round Three

The final day of round three. I found out this afternoon a dear artist friend broke her arm. If that wasn’t bad enough this weekend is open studio a bi-annual event where she sells a lot of art. She is unable to prepare the goodies for the potential customers and guests who will come and visit her SF studio. So I went to the store and prepped and cooked sweet and savory treats she will be able to present  tomorrow. I’ll drive them up in the morning and will help her. Time for bed! Blessings to you! Marina

Do not indulge in charitable acts for your own benefit. Love them for the happiness they bring others. ~ Jatakamala

Om Ma Tri Mu Ye Sa Le Du

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Day Twenty Six – Round Three

I love to support musicians. On the street today a young man was busking and I contributed to his hat. It’s so nice  hearing live music. I think Neil Young would have loved it too!

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Day Twenty Five – Round Three

I sent a “surprise” house warming gift to some dear friends. This is their first house and it felt wonderful to show gratitude to them for all the help they have given me over the years.

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Day Twenty Four – Round Three

I was invoiced today by a service provider that did a lot of work for my family and I felt the amount was very generously discounted and did not represent the amount of work that was actually done. I was very grateful, so I paid them what I felt was the fair amount. I know their family is facing some financial difficulties and this will really help.

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Day Twenty Three – Round Three

There is a lot of construction work going on in downtown Los Altos. They are totally revamping the crossing on all four corners. There are huge trucks  – it’s very noisy. Today when I went downtown I noticed that one of the high-end boutique stores had clothes on display stands outside and one had been blown over onto the ground. So I went over pick it up off the street and alerted the salesgirl who was very grateful.

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Day Twenty Two – Round Three

A brother and sister who looked to be around six or seven years old were riding their razors down the sidewalk on a busy street.  Even though there is a  cross walk, it’s right off an expressway ramp exit and people barrel down the street: there is no light or stop sign. So I said  let’s all cross together. We did and I took on the role of a crossing guard.

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Day Twenty One – Round Three

A women who is on disability moved into a new home with her son and called to get a Feng Shui Tune-Up.  I waved my fees to help them.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | April 23, 2011

Day Twenty – Round Three

A friend referred to me by a mechanic who was visiting his children in San Jose. I have had many mechanical things around here in need of loving attention since my Uncle’s passing. One by one he fixed then all.  He also plays Spanish style guitar when he is not working as a welder in Texas. So I thought what would be the best gift to give him to show my gratitude; this is above and beyond his fee? The answer came in a meditation that I would produce a recording session for him. Today we recorded two pieces of music one of them a beautiful song his father taught him in Mexico.  I could tell it meant a lot to him. 

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Day Ninteen – Round Three

Today while I was shopping at the grocery store I swiped my credit card and was asked on the read out screen if I wanted to give to the disabled charities in my area ,so I donated right then and there. Sometimes doing a good deed is made so easy.

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Day Eighteen – Round Three

Tonight I performed at a Morocco’s restaurant in San Jose, Ca. There was a little girl that was out for a dinner with her Dad. I dedicated the song “I Can See Clearly Now” to Anna. Her Dad sang along with me and sang directly to her from across the table.  She was delighted, it really made the night special for her.

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Day Seventeen – Round Three

I look up almost everything on the internet these days, but it is so nice to go into the local library look and feel the books, videos and have a place to go study that doesn’t involve buying a cup of tea or coffee.  So, today I donated to my little neighborhood library. I walked there and back to make a little adventure of it, just about a mile.

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Day Sixteen – Round Three

It seems to be happening more and more; you call an agency and before they connect you they ask if you will take a survey to review the call.  Even though I was very busy (Monday) I took the time to rate the performance of the woman that helped me. She did a good job and I thought it would be helpful for her career.

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Day Fifteen – Round Three

We made a special trip to St Simon’s church today to pick up the special blessed palm fronds to give to my Mother. This is one  of her favorite days of the year  and it made her day brighter since she was unable to attend herself.

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Day Fourteen – Round Three

In Buddhism and particularly in China, the release of animals, particularly birds or fish, into their natural environment became an important way of demonstrating Buddhist piety. I bought nine feeder fish and released them in a pond today.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | April 16, 2011

Day Thirteen – Round Three

Today I bought a case of supplies  to help a women out for her cleaning business. She couldn’t afford them and was very grateful.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | April 15, 2011

Day Twelve – Round Three

After my talk tonight I stayed late so everyone that attended could receive the Loving Kindness Blessing. Happy Birthday Kuan Yin!

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | April 13, 2011

Day Eleven – Round Three

Today I received some wonderful words about Japan during their time of crisis via email. I want to share them with you.

Not a single visual of chest-beating or wild grief. Sorrow itself has been elevated.
Disciplined queues for water and groceries. Not a rough word or a crude gesture.
The incredible architects, for instance. Buildings swayed but didn’t fall.
People bought only what they needed for the present, so everybody could get something.
No looting in shops. No honking and no overtaking on the roads. Just understanding.
Fifty workers stayed back to pump sea water in the N-reactors. How will they ever be repaid?
Restaurants cut prices. An unguarded ATM is left alone. The strong cared for the weak.
The old and the children, everyone knew exactly what to do. And they did just that.
They showed magnificent restraint in the bulletins. No silly reporters. Only calm reportage.
When the power went off in a store, people put things back on the shelves and left quietly.

I donated money today to the red cross for the Japanese recovery efforts.

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Day Ten – Round Three

What would we do without parks?
Today, upon admittance to Sugarloaf Ridge State Park I paid the normal fee and felt compelled to the donated extra. It was so beautiful, if you have never been try to go sometime.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | April 12, 2011

Day Nine – Round Three

Today I cut  some lilacs for a gardener. I knew he loved them and it would make his wife very happy too.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | April 11, 2011

Day Eight – Round Three

It was a lovely Sunday and I had the pleasure of attending a wedding. It was a lot of fun with a casual Hawaiian theme and when it was all over I volunteered to stay and help with the clean up crew. The DJ blasted classic Beatles music which got everyone going!

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Day Seven – Round Three

A mechanic on vacation from Texas was recommended by a friend to help fix yard equipment here that has been in a state of real neglect. I compensated him but he was very surprised and happy when I fixed him a royal feast and we shared our table. Afterward, (unbeknownst to me he is a fabulous Spanish guitar player) we went over and serenaded my 90 year old mom. She loved it and it brought up many fond memories of when my family had an orchard here in California.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | April 9, 2011

Day Six – Round Three

It’s never to late to be grateful!
Today I sent an e-mail to feng shui consultants Eileen Conti Weklar of a Virginia, Suzy Driver of Portland Oregon, Shelley Sparks of Los Angeles, California, and Catherine Dawson of Boulder, Colorado and Kuan Yin devotee Guy Arribart from Osaka, Japan. These people all sent me a card for the New Year and each day I look at their lovely postcards on my home refrigerator.

I was busy during the Chinese new years season and I was unable to personally thank them, so today I sent an e-mail to each one of them thanking them for sending me a lovely Rabbit New Year’s Postcard. Hopefully my email brightened up their day.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | April 8, 2011

Day Five – Round Three

A dear friend, artist and former merry prankster called to tell me he was ill and has just gotten out of the hospital.  He has always been a great spiritual adventurer and studied with shamans in Mexico, the Maharishi (the Beatles were his classmates!), Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) in India, John of God in Brazil, my inspiration was to send him the Heart Sutra CD and Feng Shui Tune Up.

It was a great honor to have done these CD’s with HH Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun. Professor chanted many powerful mantras and secret blessing in these CD’s. Many people over the years have told me that they listen to them and it has brought great healing into their lives. The CDs are on the way to my friend now!

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Day Four – Round Three

My friends son has been ill and went to the hospital yesterday. He is back at home taking medication and resting. So I thought it would be nice to pick some oranges and bring them to the family. I am sure it can use the extra vitamin C.

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Day Three – Round Three

Today I welcomed an old friend from out of town into my home. She mentioned a family member had an addiction to psychotherapy.

I gave her a copy of Becoming Your Own Therapist by Lama Yeshe.  A book that I have found most useful. If you wish, you can find your own copy at

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Day Two – Round Three

I was in a check out line at a store today and a women came racing up, in a big hurry with a heavy bag of ice. I nodded to please go ahead she flashed me a huge smile.

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Day One – Round Three

Here we go – Do a Good Deed a Day Project – Round Three!  This time I am going to open myself to the small gestures that promote kindness.

You’ll remember HH Grandmaster Lin Yun suggested I record simple good deeds. His thinking was to show how even the smallest act of kindness can count as good deed.

You don’t have to spend money and it is so simple that everyone can get into it.

Today while at a store and watched as a senior was struggling trying to get a  bottle of oil from a high shelf. She was delighted and gave me a big smile when I volunteered to get it down and place it in her basket.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | June 10, 2010

Day Twenty Six – Round Two

It was a great day. Last week I sent a birthday card to a dear older friend in England. When I checked my messages early this morning I heard her voice thanking us for the well wishes.

I sent a special thank-you and gift this evening to a friend who was really kind in NYC. I am wishing her great prosperity and sent along something that I think will help sell her house sooner than later!

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | June 9, 2010

Day Twenty Five – Round Two

Today I was getting back to work. So late in the day, I went to a grocery store and brought back some ‘renegade” carts after shopping at my local Trader Joe’s.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | June 7, 2010

Day Twenty Three – Round Two

Today my good deeds involved tea. On my way to the workshop I picked up a extra tea for Deborah Gee to enjoy during the morning session at the Yun Lin Temple Feng Shui workshop.Then we had the special pleasure of having lunch with the Abbot H. H. Lungtok Tenpai Nyima. He had come to visit HH Grandmaster Lin Yun. I noticed they had no tea on their table so I told the owner to offer them some. Within minutes I saw everyone at the table drinking tea! It made my heart happy to see everyone enjoying the tea especially Professor.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | June 6, 2010

Day Twenty Two – Round Two

Today I was leaving a store and the women next to me spilled her purse out onto the sidewalk on Second Ave in NYC. So I ran around picking up items and coins and brought them back to her. She was very grateful.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | June 5, 2010

Day Twenty One – Round Two

My good deed for today was I attended HH Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche and Crystal Chu Rinpoche’s blessing at the Chapel of the Church Center of the United Nations. I spent the time chanting mantas for everyone, but most especially for HH Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche.

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Day Twenty – Round Two

I am headed for NYC so today. I offering my place in line to another person. I also stopped my friend from leaving at an inauspicious time so she would have good luck on her trip.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | June 3, 2010

Day Nineteen – Round Two

I saw a volunteer from the Santa Clara County Homeless Women and Children shelter today in front of my local store, and I  gave them a donation.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | June 2, 2010

Day Eighteen – Round Two

Sometimes it’s just fun to surprise someone with a good deed. I opened a door for a banker going back to work…he was so surprised. Tee-hee this is fun!

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | June 1, 2010

Day Seventeen – Round Two

I received word back from the healer in Mexico. So I printed out his letter and mailed it to the woman without internet via snail mail.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | May 31, 2010

Day Sixteen – Round Two

I know it may seem impossible or a strange concept but some people still do not have internet or cannot type. Today I helped one such person get a message to a healer in Mexico who really needs his advice and services.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | May 30, 2010

Day Fifteen – Round Two

Today I donated $100 to the YYEF Earthquake Relief Funding Drive.

Once more, we have been saddened by the 7.1 Richter Scale earthquake that hit Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province, China.  This April 14th natural disaster, based on news reported on April 23, has affected so many innocent Tibetan people.  By latest count, death toll has reached 2,187 including 207 school children.  More than 12,000 people are reported injured, at least 80 are still missing; and 100,000 left homeless, by Reuter’s account on 4/25, 8,000 monks whose monasteries collapsed were among the new homeless population.  According to Hsing Hwa News, this earthquake has affected many more in the neighoring areas, including the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province which is not too far from our in-house Bon study instructor, Lama Youngtong Tenzin’s home town.

Relief efforts has faced great challenge due to the area’s severe weather condition and high elevation.  Snow and rain has continued to flood into the earthquake affected area.

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Day Fourteen – Round Three

Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today I opened a door for a lady going into a store quite unexpectedly – she thanked me so generously with a big smile.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | May 28, 2010

Day Thirteen – Round Two

Orange, orange, oranges! Today I brought a bag of and picked sweet oranges to my acupuncturist for a treat. She was delighted and surprised!

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | May 27, 2010

Day Twelve – Round Two

While having an afternoon tea at the local coffee house an elderly women came in and was looking for a place to sit. The only table available was a mess so I jumped up and cleared it for her.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | May 26, 2010

Day Eleven – Round Two

I rearranged my schedule today to meet someone early so they would be able to enjoy their anniversary.

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Day Ten – Round Two

I spent a good part of today setting up a FTP site for the Zhong Ba Rinpoche project. I had sent the sound files for his review and use via You Sent It. You see song files are HUGE, so they need to be compressed. The Chinese government blocked them coming into the country. So we are now going to try using a FTP server for them to download in China.

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Day Nine – Round Two

Today I had a women working at my house, I offered her lunch and she accepted and enjoyed it very much.

It seems like a lot of my good deeds this round two revolve around food!

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Day Eight – Round Two

Today I helped with a new CD project. Zhong Ba Rinpoche’s assistant requested help with price quotes and information on producing a CD of his chanting and singing in the states. I researched and gathered the information and sent it off to them.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | May 22, 2010

Day Seven – Round Two

Today I made a birthday dessert for a dear friend and brought it over for a mini celebration.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | May 21, 2010

Day Six – Round Two

Today, at a store I shop at regularly, I gave a shopping cart to a women who was arriving. She looked totally overwhelmed and was surprised by the gesture.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | May 20, 2010

Day Five – Round Two

Today I made a meal and brought it over for a friend who is ill.

I also sang songs and we told each other great stories.

Posted by: lighthousefengshui | May 19, 2010

Day Four – Round Two

Today I helped my Mother sorting her mail and checking her bills.

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Happy Holidays from Immigrant House!

Holiday Greeting Immigrant HouseHappy Holidays from Immigrant House!

WE GOT IN!!! I haven’t been inside for 36 years – the little house has been boarded up for the past 10. My Bavarian and Santa Cruz Community activist friend Jane Mio and I performed a good old fashioned German housecleaning of the inside of Immigrant House with scrub brushes, brooms, buckets and gloves. It is tidied up, scrubbed down and all left over articles left were dumped .  It was wonderful to walk on the wooden plank floors again and let the house breathe. Everything is 100% better inside and no native Daddy Long Legs were harmed in the clean up!


Robert Cox vice chair of the Old Mountain View Neighborhood Association (OMVNA) championed the creation of the OMVNA Historic Preservation subcommittee which I am the Subcommittee Chair. I look forward to working with them. We will be changing their status to a 501c3, which makes contributions tax deductible.  Once the paperwork is filed with the IRS we can begin to have some great cultural fund raising events that should be fun for everyone.


On 12.12.12 I became an official Kiwanian! I’m excited about joining the Kiwanis Club. They do excellent work, and I will learn so much from their knowledge in organizing community projects. Beside all the scholarships, hospital, food drives, children and senior projects they also sponsor the Mountain View’s Art and Wine Festival. Their know-how will also be a great asset to the Immigrant House project and the events for the future.


Thank you so such for your wonderful help and support

Wishing a joyful season and a Happy New Year!

Mary Kay “Marina” Marinovich


A community that values everyone’s contributions and cares about its

past as well as its future is a community that honors all of its citizens.

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Join me for the Kuan Yin Events at East West Bookstore in Mt. View, CA. April 12th & April 15th.

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